Multifunctionele intelligente netwerk-kabeltester

Multifunctionele intelligente netwerk-kabeltesterDeze ergonomische multitester met handvat test RJ45, RJ11, USB en UTP/FTP/STP kabels en gebruikt LED-lampjes om de resultaten weer te geven. De tester spoort informatie op zoals onjuiste aansluitingen en laat tevens het kabeltype zien en of er extra afscherming aanwezig is in de UTP/FTP/STP kabels.Function: • Normal Connection Display • Open-circuit/Short-circuit Test and Display • Cross/Wrong Connection Test and Display • Shield/Grounding Test and Display Features: • With new ergonomics design and portable handle • Easy to test exactly pin configuration of RJ45, RJ11, USB and BNC Cable • Identify exactly all kinds of trouble continuously, such as incorrect connection, open, short, crossover and grounding test • Display testing result by LED layer by layer • Test cables installed from a distance either on wall plate or patch panel • With locking function under the state of low battery • Maximum cable length: 600 ft (± 180mtr)

€ 34,70
€ 41,99 inclusief BTW