Draagbaar Karaokespeler

Draagbaar KaraokespelerListen your favorite songs, singing lyrics hosted in a LCD screen. With this new invention you can sing with lyrics featured in the screen, you can record your voice in MP3 format, sing in A cappella, listen and record more than 800 songs with their lyrics, manage your playing list, listen to your voice and music with the microphone integrated in the same time, correct your way of singing in every kind of song selected in the SD card. Your Pocket Karaoke has a SD card and a USB fl ash to download your songs from your computer.• Sound power: +1 DB - 25 DB • Frequency: 30HZ-20HZ • Style: Echo / Réverbérations • Weight: 30 g • Supply: Built-in batterie lithium alimentée à 3.7V et 400mAh • Sound pressure level max.: > = 130 dB (à 1 kHz THD

€ 86,77
€ 104,99 inclusief BTW