Carkit Bluetooth v4.0 Zwart

Carkit Bluetooth v4.0 ZwartKoppel deze Bluetooth carkit heel gemakkelijk met uw smartphone en u belt veilig handsfree tijdens het rijden. Dankzij het draagbare design neemt u de carkit gemakkelijk mee. Dit geeft maximale bewegingsvrijheid om de carkit in iedere auto gebruiken.

€ 16,52
€ 19,99 inclusief BTW

Carkit Draadloos / Bluetooth / USB v2.0 Zilver/Zwart

Carkit Draadloos / Bluetooth / USB v2.0 Zilver/ZwartThe mr Handsfree Blue Perfection Bluetooth® car kit is a an advanced Bluetooth® handsfree car kit with LCD screen in combination with an excellent full duplex sound quality. The mr Handsfree Blue Perfection allows you to keep your phone in your pocket at all times while driving and making and receiving phone calls. It does so by using a color LCD screen operated via a wireless (infrared) steering wheel control. The Blue Perfection's internal phonebook can be synchronized with the phone numbers on your cell phone's SIM card; which allows you to dial out via the Blue Perfection as well as to see who's calling on the Blue Perfection's LCD screen. The included infrared remote control can be attached to the steering wheel and allows answering and starting calls without ever taken your hands of the steering wheel. The Blue Perfection comes in 4 available versions: simply pick the one that suits your needs the best!

€ 50,41
€ 60,99 inclusief BTW